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Back in 1970 this small “hippie joint” opened its doors in Fullerton to an unsuspecting town. Little did this city know what a trendsetter Rutabegorz restaurant would become. Serving only coffee and desserts in the beginning, Rutabegorz has since evolved into one of Orange County’s favorite health food restaurants. With three locations to meet the needs of its “regulars,” it can sometimes seem as if there are not enough “Ruta’s” to go around.

Along with many vegetarian dishes, Ruta’s also serves white breast of chicken, turkey, albacore tuna and assorted lean deli meats. Our salad dressings are fresh and house made and our condiments are low in fat. As usual, we use only the finest and freshest fruits and vegetables. And, our homemade desserts, well, they’re sinful but oh-so-hard-to-resist and worth the extra cheating!

Our mission has always been to provide our communities with a healthy alternative to traditional restaurant offerings without sacrificing taste. We provide “old school” vegetarian values—lots of fresh and natural foods. We strive to make your experience here positive, and hope you’ll enjoy our unique food, casual atmosphere, and friendly servers.

Remember: You are what you eat from your head to your feet. Don’t be a fast-food junky. You can feel good and energetic while enjoying all that your body needs.

RUTABEGORZ FULLERTON, the first of three locations, was originally the office and residence of Dr. Olsen, a local well known physician who practiced medicine out of the building for over 40 years. In 1970, it was decided that the town needed a coffee house… a place to hang out and discuss the world’s problems. RUTA’S was born. When it first opened, RUTA’S served only coffee, bagels, ice cream, carrot cake and of course, our famous cheesecake. Business was great and customers demanded more, causing RUTA’S to evolve into today’s full service restaurant.

RUTABEGORZ’ near 47 year history is rich. Once threatened in 1973 to become a parking lot, the faithful Fullerton community got together and signed petitions, marched and raised Cain. RUTA’S prevailed!

Today the current restaurant has expanded into the building next door and continues to be a favorite hang out for customers of all ages.

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211 N. Pomona Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832


10:30 am - 9:00 pm  Monday - Thursday
10:30 am - 10:00 pm Friday & Saturday
Closed Sunday

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